Visual Display & Live Feed - Live Video Streaming 現場直播系統
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Through video live feed in the event, your audiences can have a clear picture of what is happening on the stage especially
for large scaled event likes conferences and speech.

We support high level of visual display & live feed requirement with our equipment including wireless video transmission system, projectors and screens, LCD TV, LED wall, etc. With different kinds of event, we will use different grade of cameras, lens, shooting equipment for the best angles.

We provide Multi-media & Video Production -  Sound system, lighting, photo shooting & video on site service for government events. For further enquiry for multi-mediaLED video wall rental & video production, rental of projectors, screens, laptops, cameras, sound system, AV system, lightings, TV, led display wall, photo shooting, instant translation service, please contact us at: [email protected]

We have the most professional technicians to check every Live Video Streaming event to ensure the best performance.

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