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Real classroom experience

(Video) Real-time lectures, as an alternative or supplement to live events, can be recorded upon request and then accessed as on-demand video.

By organizing a virtual meetings and trade fairs, visitors can move around like they are in a real trade fair. In the virtual auditorium, lectures and demonstrations can be held, and visitors can obtain more information at the information desk and directly contact the organizer or representative.
The interaction between the organizer and the audience can be through video or text chat without delay.

Virtual trade fairs and conferences

Integration of local and remote network meeting
Participating on-line meeting in different

Communication and interaction

A freely configurable virtual image welcomes the participants of the virtual meeting at the booth. In addition to numerous design functions, it also provides interactive tools such as chat functions, document downloads and social media integration.

Virtual Corporate design

In order to cope with the professional corporate design of our esteem customer,  you can choose the structure of the virtual exhibition : from entrance to the exhibition booth, from the auditorium to the network center or library.  All under your corporate requirement.

Interaction with participants

Organizer is easy to interact with participants by using forums, individual and group chats or Q&A meetings via audio connections.

Live streaming

The real-time streaming technology used can ensure the smooth transmission of content.

Social media integration

By using social media connection of the event platform, content can be shared directly from virtual events in social media channels.

area/rooms in a same hotel or company is just like on-site meeting.  Participants can interact with each other, audio-visually, discuss and Q&A at the same meeting.
Each room is equipped with camcorders, projection equipment or TV sets, wireless microphones and speaker systems. The chairman's room can be equipped with virtual shooting equipment, changing scenes and playing content at any time, such as PPT, movies, pictures, etc., other participating rooms or all over the world All can interact at the same time.
We can design the background and special effects according to the company's image. The meeting process can be recorded and saved, and it can also be published online at the same time.

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