Virtual Event Platform 

All-in-one. The complete experience for everything and everyone. Full experience. Minimal effort. The one-stop solution to give your online event the offline feeling.

All-in-one Virtual Event Platform
From homepage, registration, and security to webcasting, sales, analytics, and conversion.

Online event with the feeling of offline
Main hall, online program booklet, streaming: live or on-demand, halls for exhibitors, and networking.

Power in your presentations
Interactive presentations, audience reactions, chats, polls, and more.

Clickable hotspots and call-to-actions. In-stream purchasing: direct conversion
Boost your sales and that of your sponsors. Fast, easy export of all pertinent data.

The whole package. With high impact.

Virtual Event Platform brings all the elements together to turn a virtual event into a proper one. Clear and easy to manage. The full treatment: everything from the central entrance to space for informal discussions and exhibitions. And of course: the power to go all out with interactive presentations, live streams of your visitors, chats, polls, and more.

Wholly impressive. To look forward to with anticipation

Build the buzz for the event far in advance through a dedicated homepage. In the main hall, you’ll give your visitors a warm welcome. The program & schedule let your guests find their way to webcasts, presentations, and talks. You can offer these live or on-demand. A Q&A or poll, face-to-face interviews, switching to speakers at different locations: it’s all easily accessible and scalable. And reactions via social media can be broadcast live!

The one-stop solution for:

  • online presentation
  • streaming event
  • corporate online event
  • online informal event
  • online inspiration session
  • online talk
  • keynote stream
  • online talk show
  • webinar
  • e-learning
  • online seminar
  • online conference
  • webcast
  • online course
  • online summit
  • online theme day
  • online exhibition
  • online entertainment
  • online entertainment
  • online launch product
  • online meeting of shareholders
  • online conference
  • online debate
  • online presentation of annual figures
Build the buzz
Link social media to the homepage. Build up the excitement like with a live event.
All the space your visitors need
Breakout rooms for networking. Or let your visitors relax with an informal chat.
Touch & Go
Templates and standard protocols. So no need to worry.
Corporate branding. And exhibition halls for co-creators
Immerse the visitor in your experience. And that of your sponsors.

Your event as planned. End-to-end

Our templates help you roll out your production effectively and efficiently. And if you want customization, be sure to benefit from our knowledge, experience, and creativity. From planning to live stream. From registration to feedback from your audience – up to and including all call-to-action possibilities and analytics. All touch & go, so with as little worry as possible.

In short: your event planned end-to-end, in advance.

Want to discover the possibilities for your online event? Contact us for an online meeting or demonstration.

Improve your sales and profitability. Also, for your co-creators

An event that immediately boosts sales is an even better event. That’s why you can seamlessly integrate all kinds of marketing tools. Including the ones you know and are accustomed to working with. You can have clickable hotspots throughout the entire platform and create call-to-actions – for yourself, your main sponsor, or sub sponsors. The audience can even make purchases in-stream. All relevant data generated by the event can be exported quickly and easily. Do the analytics on the data your online event generates for optimal return on investment.

Full focus on your brand, your sponsors, and your visitors

You can activate your entire event in the style of your corporate brand. And of course, you also want to shine a spotlight on your co-creators or sponsors. That’s why they have their own exhibition spaces. But at the center of attention are your visitors, of course. They will relish the warm welcome entering the main hall. Also, there are several informal spaces for your visitors. Perfect for networking. Or just to break out for a moment of casual conversation.

Your One Stop Solution