Dry Ice Low Fog Machine Rental service
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Dry Ice Low Fog Machine Rental
Dry ice machine, Low Lying Fog Machine, water mist machine rental, suitable for wedding banquet activities, low smoke effect can create a realm of wonderland.

Advantages of the Low Lying Fog Machine:
1, this product does not need to buy dry ice, the cost of use is very low, each time just use tap water and a little smoke oil, but also save the time to buy dry ice. If there is no smoke oil, you can replace it directly with water! Try to add some smoke oil to better effect!
2, can watch the effect of the water fog machine in advance. Dry ice machines are difficult to store due to dry ice and are expensive. It is generally difficult to see the effect in advance, even if it can be used.
3, the traditional dry ice machine because of the power efficiency, need to receive 220V in the 380V power supply, you need to rent the hotel's large electricity. The water mist machine power is 1200W, and the general socket 220V power supply can reduce the use cost.
4, the water fog machine can work continuously, a celebration or performance, can be used several times.
5, this product is relatively environmentally friendly, the general fog machine is more pungent, and the water fog machine basically has no taste.
6. The water mist machine adopts physics principles such as gravity and buoyancy, which greatly reduces the probability of damage.

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